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Dive Gathering FAQ's


Where is the closest airport to the Dive Gathering quarries?

The best airport to use will depend on what airlines you have local access to and what fares are available. The closest small airport to White Star Quarry is in Toledo.

The Detroit airport is best for international flights or major hub-city connections.

Do I need to come with a dive buddy?

It’s not necessary to come with a dive buddy. Let the organizers know ahead of time if you are a single diver and we will do our best to get you in with a group of divers. The intent of the Dive Gathering is to come and make new friends and dive with new buddies. Participation is encouraged.


Can I dive other people’s gear?

The intent of the Dive Gathering is that each diver brings and dives their own gear. Don’t expect to dive with other people’s gear unless they make the offer to share.

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What diving gear do I need to bring?

You should bring all basic equipment to make your dives comfortable and safe. Tanks, weight belts, and BC’s are available for rent from the quarries in limited quantities. See their websites for details.




Is there spear fishing?

No. Fishing is not allowed at either of the two quarries.


Is the Dive Gathering a closed event at the quarry?

No. Both quarries are open for business during the Dive Gathering dive days, so they will have general public divers there.


Is lunch provided?

Food is not provided at the Gathering. White Star Quarry has a small concession stand, and there are some free barbecue pits for guests to use. Gilboa has a small snack area, and food trailers will often show up on weekends. Plan to bring your own food or purchase food nearby. Dive Gathering participants will get together for breakfasts and dinners.


Are there any organized “activities” planned for after hours?

Since this is a loosely organized event, “fun” during the weekend is what you make of it. Pool activities often occur after dinner. Bring your gear, get together with a buddy, make friends, and see what happens...


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